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Where to Stay in Mount Rainier: Best Airbnb Review

best airbnb near mount rainier national park

There is no shortage of places to stay in Mount Rainier. What’s rare are good places to stay at a good price. When planning our trip to Mount Rainier, I feel like I had turned every stone and still couldn’t find a satisfactory place to stay. Just when I was going to give up, Alan came to the rescue with this vibey, private, and cozy cabin stay in Ashford!

1. The Location: A 40-minute drive to Mount Rainier National Park

forest behind ashford airbnb

The Airbnb is located in a city called Ashford, which is to the southwest of Mount Rainier National Park. It’s a 37 minute drive to Skyline Trail in Paradise, one of the two main sides of the national park. This is an ideal place to stay if you plan to visit Paradise. However, if your main and only destination is Sunset, I wouldn’t recommend staying at this Airbnb.

momos served at himalayan restaurant in ashford washington

Not only is the Airbnb close to Mount Rainier, which makes it an ideal place to stay near the national park, there’s also a little trail behind the cabin, giving you something to do without having to drive anywhere. The trail leads you across a small creek to Wildberry, a Himalayan restaurant that serves BOMB Momo dumplings.

2. The Space: Cozy, zen, and the ultimate place to relax

airbnb near mount rainier national park

The inside of the Airbnb screams cozy, intimate, and zen. There are windows on all sides of the cabin, and when you look out, you’ll see lots of tall trees and instantly feel relaxed.

airbnb near mount rainier national park

You even get a nice view when you’re using the toilet, and I thought it was extra thoughtful of them to include a toilet spray.

3. The Amenities: Kind of hard to beat.

airbnb with hot tub mount rainier national park

Okay onto the amenities, which is arguably my favorite part about this cabin stay near Mount Rainier. Your reservation comes with shared hot tub access, an outdoor shower, and a private fireplace.

airbnb with private fireplace near mount rainier national park

The hot tub is shared with one other cabin, so the chances of you fighting over hot tub use is rare.

4. The Price: A very good value for what you get

The Ashford Airbnb is $165/night and sleeps 2. With fees included, we’re talking around $120 per person per night. I think that’s a steal given this checks so many boxes: clean and cozy living space, good location, and excellent amenities.

The only downside I see is if you want to be even closer to Mount Rainier there are definitely more options. BUT to get the views and vibes at this price point is unlikely.

Need a bigger place to stay or this one just isn’t for you? Check out lodging listed by Mount Rainier Tourism:

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