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9 Unique Things to Do in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is suchhhh a big city and there’s so much to explore. After paying my probably tenth (!!) visit there this past week, I’ve narrowed it down to 10 unique things to do in Los Angeles. These are uniquely LA things to do and it’s best for those who have either been to LA and done the touristy things already or those who would like to experience the city more like a local.

From hiking to beach activities and where to eat in Koreatown, I’ve got you covered!

1. Go on an Urban Hike

runyon canyon LA things to do
Runyon Canon

Urban hikes might not be unique to Los Angeles, but the views on these hikes certainly are.

Some of the main spots for hiking are in Griffith Park, Runyon Canyon, and Malibu Creek State Park (although this is more on the outskirts of LA).

During my visit to LA last week, I hiked Runyon Canyon for the first time, and I couldn’t stop every few steps to soak in the breathtaking view. I had long been wanting to stay at an Airbnb in Hollywood Hills to enjoy the city views, and now I feel like I can just come back to Runyon Canyon whenever I want to do that, for free 🙂

2. Do Yoga On a Stand-Up Paddle Board

There’s nothing more LA than yoga and time on the beach, especially when the weather is just the right amount of toasty.

We took our class with YogAqua and it was an awesome time! We not only got a workout in, our balance was also put to the test.

Wanderer Tip: You don’t have to be incredible at yoga but you should feel comfortable swimming back to your board if you do fall off

3. Take a Day Trip to Malibu

malibu creek state park hike
Malibu Creek State Park

I like to think of Malibu as the Hamptons of the west coast, but more accessible. There are hikes, incredible restaurants and beautiful beaches. Taking a trip to Malibu is simply one of the best things to do in LA!

Malibu is also not as far as you’d think. When we drove from Pico Robertson to Malibu one Saturday morning, it only took us about 40 minutes to drive to our hike at Malibu Creek State Park.

Duke's restaurant Malibu
Duke’s Malibu

If you do end up visiting Malibu, I also highly recommend you stop by Duke’s for a Mai Tai. The restaurant has good vibes and good drinks. But most of all, your chances of spotting a dolphin are high!

4. Eat KBBQ Outdoors

things to do in Ktown los angeles

The Korean food in Los Angeles is out of this world. You won’t regret paying a trip to Koreatown and spending an evening eating Korean BBQ outdoors.

Two of my favorite restaurants in Ktown are:

  • DaeBuDo – seafood bbq served in a parking lot with string lights! And the only restaurant’s name which I remember that serves kbbq outdoors
  • Hae Jang Chong – I don’t believe they do outdoor KBBQ but this place is good nonetheless

5. Bike at the Santa Monica Boardwalk

santa monica boardwalk
Santa Monica Boardwalk

Santa Monica might be a touristy spot, but biking along the Santa Monica boardwalk is something that visitors and locals both enjoy.

The bike trail that runs through Santa Monica is called the Marvin Braude Bike Trail is 22-miles long. Rent bikes from Santa Monica Bike Rentals for just $20/day and spend as much time biking along the boardwalk as you want.

Wanderer Tip: Go at sunset for guaranteed vibes

6. Spend a Day at Manhattan Beach

things to do in los angeles manhattan beach
Manattan Beach (Source:

Manhattan Beach is hands down one of my favorite beaches in LA. The sand is pristine and the neighborhood is filled with beautiful homes.

Grab a spike ball set or card game and you’re set for a wonderful time in the California sun.

7. Try Asian Street Food at the 626 Night Market

626 Night Market (Source:

Due to its proximity to Asia, Los Angeles has a ton of good Asian food. And Korean BBQ isn’t the only thing you should try to eat while you’re visiting.

The 626 Night Market takes place in Santa Monica, Orange County, and Arcadia, with the one in Arcadia being the biggest. More than 250 food vendors show up to this night market, so you can imagine the scale!

The night market does require a $5-6 admission fee to enter and parking is free.

8. Go to a Rooftop Bar Any Time of Year

Bar Lis in Hollywood Los Angeles

One of the beauties of being in Los Angeles is the weather is (almost) always sunny. This makes going to a rooftop bar in Los Angeles pretty feasible any time of year.

Top Rooftop Bars in Los Angeles:

No matter where you go, the chances of spotting a celebrating at one of these rooftop bars is high. I have a 100% success rate after going to 2 bars. So keep your eyes peeled.

9. Eat the Best Street Tacos Outside of Mexico

person holding a tacos
Photo by Los Muertos Crew on

Last but not least, while you’re in LA, get a some street tacos. It’ll be as if you’ve teleported to Mexico City or Cabo for a day.

Because of how close Southern California is to Mexico, the street tacos in LA or pretty authentic. Don’t miss your chance while you’re there!

Uniquely LA Things to Do

Los Angeles is truly a gem of a city. Try experiencing LA like the locals do by checking off one of the things on this list while you’re visiting.

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