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8 Sacramento Coffee Shops You Must Visit

sacramento coffee shops

Updated: May 13th, 2021

When I think of the best places to get coffee in the U.S., I can think of a few places. Seattle is the birthplace of the multinational coffee giant Starbucks. Portland has had a strong coffee culture since before Starbucks became widespread. Big Island is home to the world famous Kona coffee. Lastly, San Francisco has its own selection of coffee roasters, some of which have gone on to serve coffee in multiple locations in the U.S. However, never did Sacramento cross my mind as somewhere with amazing coffee. It took six months of working remotely from Sacramento for me to realize how many great Sacramento coffee shops there are. I’m excited to share this guide to seven of my favorite coffee shops in Sacramento.

pachamama farmers owned coffee sacramento


919 20th St Sacramento, CA 95811

Website | Yelp | Facebook

There are four Pachamama locations in Northern California: two in Sacramento and two in Davis. Since I’ve been posted up in Midtown Sacramento during the last six months, I often visit the Pachamama on 919 20th Street. It’s also the closest coffee shop to the Midtown Farmers Market and makes for a good stop before visiting the farmers market. 

Pachamama is the only Sacramento coffee shop I know that’s farmer-owned. Fair trade coffee has been a hot topic for several years now, and Pachamama takes fair trade coffee a step further by allowing farmers direct ownership of the business. Farmers are responsible for growing the beans, roasting them, and directly selling bags of coffee at grocery stores in the U.S. They then directly reap the benefits of selling these beans.

Pachamama even gives you the option of tracing your bag of beans back to the farmer who grew it and allows you to tip the farmers directly. Read more about the Sacramento coffee shop’s incredible founding story on their website.

As for the coffee itself, Pachamama offers a wide selection of drip coffees with different tasting notes. They also have a seasonal menu that includes a lavender latte and chai tea. Their barista went to great lengths to introduce the different drip offerings to me. You can be sure I’ll be back for more!

the mill coffee sacramento


1827 I St Sacramento, CA 95811

Website | Yelp | Facebook

The Mill also has multiple locations: one in Midtown and one in East Sacramento. The Midtown store is located on I Street and the storefront totally gives me UK countryside vibes! The Sacramento coffee shop is worth a visit just for the photo op.

What’s cool about The Mill is that it serves coffee and premium teas. They also roast their own coffee beans and sell them through their coffee brand: Bouquet Coffee Roasters.

Aside from coffee, they  serve delicious waffles with amazing jam to go with it. This is a great spot to stop by for some good vibes and breakfast before starting your work day.

temple coffee sacramento


2200 K St Sacramento, CA 95816

Website | Yelp | Facebook

If you search “coffee shops in Sacramento” on Yelp, Temple will likely be listed in the top 10. It’s another coffee shop with multiple locations, and the Midtown store is tucked away in a residential area on K Street.

Temple is likely popular because of its creative and delicious drink menu: Mexican Mocha, Kyoto Slow Drip, and Enlightenment are just some of the beverage options. The first drink I had at Temple was the Enlightenment, which consists of jasmine green tea, steamed soy milk, and honey. It’s like the green tea version of the London Fog, and it’s heavenly!

There’s also delicious pastries to choose from, including vegan options. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad cup of coffee from Temple. The days I don’t know which coffee shop I want to visit in Midtown Sac, I often default to Temple Coffee Roasters.

milka coffee sacramento


1501 G St Sacramento, CA 95814

Website | Yelp | Facebook

So far Milka is my favorite Sacramento coffee shop to “dine in” at. It’s located in a Victorian style home and blends in with the other residential buildings in the area. Inside the building, there are three rooms that simulate a dining room, living room, and an entertainment room. Drinking coffee there is like drinking coffee at your friend’s house! It’s super cozy.

When friends visited me in Sacramento, I always brought them to Milka. Not only do you get good coffee, you also get to see how a classical Sacramento Victorian style home looks after transforming into a hip coffee shop.

My favorite drink here is probably the iced mocha, but what keeps me coming back are their cappuccino and cortados.

chocolate fish coffee sacramento


4749 Folsom Blvd Sacramento, CA 95819

Website | Yelp | Facebook

I came across Chocolate Fish while I was running some errands in Folsom. They also have a beautiful space in Land Park and East Sacramento. My first impression of the Sacramento coffee shop was that all the baristas seemed very knowledgeable about coffee. 

After coming home and doing some research, I discovered that Chocolate Fish has won multiple awards for its great tasting coffee, and they also do coffee classes! I’ve been wanting to build up my coffee knowledge – taking their Coffee Tasting and Latte Art classes seem like the perfect ways to do so.

goodside coffee sacramento


1430 H St Sacramento, CA 95814

Yelp | Facebook

I fell in love with Goodside Coffee when I had their iced rose latte. They also do breakfast bagels and I wasn’t going to say no to having that with my new favorite latte drink.

The inside of Goodside is well-lit and spacious. There’s also seating outside the coffee shop. Because Goodside is located in a quiet neighborhood, sitting outside still gives you the intimacy you need. It’s a good spot to catch up with friends.

18 grams coffee sacramento


1600 Ethan Way Ste 30 Sacramento, CA 95825

Website | Yelp | Facebook

I’m a simpleton when it comes to coffee. I usually get a drip coffee or a cappuccino wherever I go. However, Sacramento coffee shops are so innovative, that their menus inspire me to take another look before I default to my usual drink choice.

18 Grams Coffee Roasters is one of the most innovative coffee shops I’ve come across. Some of their drinks include the Sea Salt Cream Iced Coffee, 1987 Iced Coffee (includes condensed milk, hazelnut, and sea salt cream), and Charcoal Latte. This is the perfect place for you if you like coffee with added flavor.

They also have a drool-worthy pastry menu. Their ube cookie has more than just a few mentions on their Yelp page.

philz coffee sacramento


1725 R St Sacramento, CA 95811

Website | Yelp | Facebook

Philz was technically founded in San Francisco and has since expanded to multiple cities. However the coffee is so yum it deserved a mention. The Philz in Sacramento is conveniently located in the Ice Blocks shopping and dining area, and like any other Philz you can order your coffee ahead of time on their app.

To this day, Philz still has one of the most innovative coffee menus I’ve seen. Some of their popular drinks include Ecstatic Iced Coffee, a custom blend of different Philz coffees with their delicious cream, and Iced Mint Mojito, an iced latte creation with mint!

I always associate Philz coffee with bulletproof coffee. I’m pretty sure there’s butter or something very similar in their drinks that makes it so irresistible. Because of that, their coffee is also super strong. If you are looking for something lighter, order their dark and medium roast coffees.

Endless Sacramento Coffee Shops to Choose From

I still can’t believe how many coffee shops I’ve had access to living in Midtown Sacramento. All except two of the coffee shops I’ve mentioned here are within a fifteen minute walk from where I live. It’s definitely made working from home that much more enjoyable.

It’s also been awesome to see each coffee shop stand for their own values – some in making sure farmers are paid fairly, some in crafting the best coffee drink, and some in fostering a good meetup place for people. 

If you get a chance to stop by some of these places or have recommendations on other coffee shops in Sacramento, let me know in the comments!

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