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12 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Mongolia

Mongolia was never on my travel wishlist. All I knew about the place was that it lied between Russian and China, and that the vast Gobi desert was there. As fate would have it, my brother got sent there during his time with the Peace Corp, and my family had the chance to visit the beautiful country near the end of his service. To-date, Mongolia is still one of my favorite places to visit. Unlike many places I’ve visited (mostly cities), Mongolia is vast, full of wildlife, and the people there are truly down to earth.

Sharing some snaps from my trip to inspire you to visit the beautiful country:

A typical flat in Mongolia: water shut off around 5pm every evening
Local grocery stores
camCamel riding in the desert
The view from our Yurt
Camels roaming around
A little girl on her family’s farm land
A colorful bank
Goats are very common in Mongolia
I had never seem an animal like this. I later used Google Lens to identify this as a Yak.
Found an oasis in the desert
A narrow passageway we drove through
We could this Yurt home for 3 nights

I still look at these pictures and dream of teleporting back to the peaceful place. Who knows, I may plan another trip back there in a few years.

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