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New York Winter Outfits: 5 Things to Pack

new york winter outfits

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Updated: Jan 28th, 2023

If you’re visiting New York City from a place with warmer average temperatures, or have recently moved to New York City from California like I have, you may understand the challenge of packing the best New York winter outfits.

I’m here to help a girl out and let you know the top five things you must pack for a trip to New York City.

1. Tall or Over-the-Knee Boots

I still remember my first pair of over-the-knee boots. They were suede and the heels were about 3″ tall. It was an affordable pair that I wore EVERYWHERE I traveled to where the temperature dropped below 50°F. I also got a ton of wears out of them while living in San Francisco (the temperature drops quite a bit at night time). I can’t remember where I got them exactly, but here is a similar pair from Amazon:



Pointed Toe Stretch Over The Knee Boots

This $50 pair is perfect for the girl on a budget and will be the focus of any New York winter outfit – even the baggiest looks 🙂


For those willing to spend a bit more than $50 on a comfy pair of boots and would rather go with a lower heel height, I recently invested in this pair of Blondo over-the-knee boots.

After hours and hours of research, this pair was the best height, most weatherproof, and most chic-looking of all the boots I found. Oh, and still within a decent price range, between $150-200.


Women’s Sierra Over-the-Knee Boots

This pair is for the practical gal who likes to walk everywhere when they travel. The lower 1″ heel will allow you to last longer and still look super chic.



2. Glove Liners w/ E-tip

Once the temperature starts dropping below 40°F in New York, it’s really hard to even be outside without any protective wear for the hands!

I recommend glove liners rather than full on snow mittens (like the ones you’d wear skiing) because you’re going to need easy access to your fingers when you want to use your cell phone. Buying liners with tech tips will allow you to use your phone without having to take your gloves off – this is both annoying and defeats the purpose of having gloves in the first place.



Women Etip Glove

My partner has a pair of these liners, and I often steal them for my own use because they fit. me. so. perfectly!! I’m pretty sure he bought the wrong size for himself.

They are slim enough where I can stuff them in my pockets or purse as needed. Plus the tech tip (or Etip as they call it) actually works.


However, these gloves do come at a hefty $60. For those looking for a more budget option, I recommend doing a quick search on Amazon and choosing one that’s well reviewed even if you haven’t heard of the brand.



Touch Screen Glove Cold Weather

I found these gloves that are $17 and pretty much do the same thing that the Nordstrom gloves do…so yeah.


On the flip side, if you’re feeling a little fancy, these Banana Republic Leather Gloves are comfy and chic.


Leather Glove

So chic and so metropolitan, these leather gloves are the perfect accessory for a slightly elevated New York winter outfit.


3. A Wool Coat

If I had to rank the must-have New York winter outfits in order of importance, a nice coat will definitely be the most important.

This is likely something that you have already, but if not, here are a few places to begin your search. And I recommend starting your search with the classic wool coat.


Relaxed Belted Wool Coat

& Other Stories has some of the chicest pieces for women, and the quality ain’t bad either.

Founded in the UK, the brand has a European vibe. This makes it all the more perfect a store to find pieces to assemble your New York winter outfit.



Petite Villa Coat

If you’re feeling more adventurous, or typically like to dress in bolder collars, the Petite Villa Coat by J. Crew comes in a bright red and is a great option.

Your outfit will surely stand out among the holiday crowd.


If you arrive in New York City without a wool coat, do not fret! & Other Stories and Aritzia both have a couple of physical locations in New York City, including locations in the shopping district SOHO.

4. A Puffer Jacket

Considering how difficult it is to pack winter clothes (carry-on travelin’ am I right??), a wool coat may be enough for your New York winter outfit collection. But if you’ve got room for one more outerwear, I’d recommend a puffer jacket!


Rubberized Puffer Jacket

I just bought this cropped puffer jacket and it’s already added a bit more color and edge to my winter closet.

Plus $90 for a winter coat was hard to come by so I had to snatch it the moment I saw this jacket. If you go in store, this jacket also comes in a green color that I don’t see on the site.



Oversized Hooded Down Puffer Jacket

Wearing a cropped puffer jacket in 30 degree weather isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

& Other Stories’ Oversized Hooded puffer jacket is a good alternative option to stay warm during your visit to New York City.



5. A Beanie or Two

Another essential item to add to your winter wardrobe for New York is a beanie. It’s something you’ll want to pack in your suitcase in case it gets a little colder than you can handle! In other words, you’ll thank me once the temperature drops to the 30’s.


Alison Beanie

I’m a big fan of beanies with pom poms. They make for a great winter accessory and can turn a simple New York winter outfit into something slightly more elegant and cute.




Addison Wool Blend Beanie

If knit hats with pom poms are not your thing, here’s a simpler option from Rag and Bone.

For girls with dark hair like myself, or those who like to wear all black, a white knit hat could really help your outfit pop.


A Very New York Winter Wardrobe

Unlike preparing outfits for a tropical vacation, preparing a winter wardrobe for a trip to New York can be a daunting and expensive task. Hopefully this guide can help you narrow down the items you need to bring with you and help you focus more time on planning your trip!

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