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11 Gift Ideas for the Traveling Man (2021)

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Note: This post contains affiliate links

Do you have a significant other who loves to travel? Or maybe many of your guy friends are jetsetters? What about a dad who loves travel? Regardless of the relationship, this guide on the best gifts for the traveling man will be sure to delight the gift recipient on the other hand.

With a jet-setting father, a brother who is always itching to return to Asia, and a partner who is always traveling the world with me, I’ve cumulated a list of top X items I would gift to them for their travel needs.

1. Tevas Sandals


These sandals are so versatile, they can be worn on plane rides, at the beach, and on some easier hikes where your shoes could get wet.

I’ve gotten a pair for my dad before, and it’s since become something he wears regularly on our beach vacations.

2. Camera Backpack


Beware, this bag is so hip and affordable you might just want to get one for yourself. For my lady friends, there’s also a light blue version that I’m obsessed with!

But really, this bag is perfect for the man who loves to travel and take photos while they’re visiting new places.

3. Engraved Toiletry Pouch

Source: Leatherology

There are few things more special than a personalized, leather gift to a special someone.

Leatherology’s hanging toiletry kit is the perfect gift for the traveling man. It’s not only looks good, it’s also very functional. You can open it up and hang it in the bathroom with all the toiletries displayed.

4. A Down Jacket


Although many people own Patagonia jackets now, I believe they are still one of the highest quality and comfortable outerwear companies out there.

A down jacket from Patagonia would be a good choice for a traveling man who you’re not as familiar with. Most people will appreciate a gift like this!

5. Camelbak Hydration Pak

I’ve seen sooo many people wear Camelbak Hydration Paks while hiking that I’ve been close to buying one myself. It’s a simple gift that can be used by literally everyone. It’s also light to pack.

If the traveler you are gifting is a coworker, this is also a great budget option (right around $50).

6. U.S. National Park Pass


For some reason all things outdoors just seem like great gift ideas for the travel lover.

The America the Beautiful Annual Pass gives access to the majority of U.S. national parks and more. It’s only $80 and offers the nature lover a full year’s worth of fun. Such a great deal.

7. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Source: Amazon

There are two reasons these noise-cancelling headphones by Sony make for an excellent gift for the traveling man.

First of all, it is so sleek-looking and incredibly well reviewed not just on Amazon but also by my male friends.

Second of all, noise-cancelling headphones are a must-have carry-on item for me. It’s great for watching movies with on the plane, at the hotel, and even during the daily commute.

8. Hiking Starter Pack

Source: Amazon

For the hiker, the nature lover, or the paranoid, this Hiking Starter Pack comes with useful tools like a poncho, Swiss Army Knife, a single utensil that includes a spoon, fork, and a bottle opener, and a first aid kit.

9. Massage Gun

Source: Amazon

Does anyone else feel like their body is sore all over after a flight that’s more than a few hours? Your gift receiver will THANK YOU when they receive this massage gun as a gift. It’s compact, effective, and has just under 13k reviews averaging 4.5 stars on Amazon.

10. Carry-On Suitcase


When Alan and I traveled to Europe, we probably took 4 flights and 2 train rides total to get from country to country. Throughout all of those commutes, Alan carried all of his stuff in a duffle bag. It was A LOT of weight lifting.

Since then he’s been considering getting a carry-on with wheels, and there are a few good options for that. This one by TUMI is currently on sale!

11. Leather Passport Holder


Yup, another leather item. Passport holders are such a classic and timeless gift for anyone who loves to travel.

This one from Anson Calder is sleep and contains two card holders for your credit cards, metro passes, and another compartment for your boarding pass. I would be surprised if your friend didn’t ditch their wallet altogether in exchange for this one.

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