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Flushing Food Tour: 1 Day Self-Guided Itinerary

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Updated: June 17th, 2022

If you’re visiting New York and looking for good Chinese food, look no further than Flushing. Taking a 1-Day Flushing Food Tour is one of the best things you can do while visiting New York City. There are so many Chinese restaurants to choose from, all covering cuisines from different regions. Whether you’re looking for the best XLB, Taiwanese breakfast, or simply want to eat to your heart’s content at AYCE hotpot, there’s something for every taste bud in Flushing’s Chinatown.

How to Get to Flushing from Manhattan

But first, how the heck do you get to Flushing?

Located in Queens, Flushing is to the east of Manhattan across the East River. Depending on where you’re staying in the city, it could be easier to subway or drive to Flushing for a food tour.

By Subway

To get to Flushing by subway you’ll need to get on the 7 train. From Midtown Manhattan, you can take the E, NW, or D and then transfer to the 7. The whole journey takes about 40 to 50 minutes.

By Car

If you’re located anywhere that’s not by a 7 or easily transferrable to the 7 train, driving may save you some time. Driving from East Village to Flushing takes about 30 minutes, without traffic of course.

Now that transportation is out of the way, let’s get to the fun part. What are the best Flushing food spots to hit up?

1. Duck Buns at Shanghai You Garden

135-33 40th Rd, Queens, NY 11354


flushing food tour duck buns
Duck buns from Shanghai You Garden

Duck buns are one of my favorite Chinese foods, so when I discovered that you could get a single duck bun for $2 at Shanghai You Garden, I was stoked.

A Shanghainese restaurant, Shanghai You Garden offers sit-down dining and takeout. Their menu features aesthetically pleasing soup dumplings, scallion pancakes, and of course peking duck!

If you’re feeling fancy, give their sit-down dining experience a try. Otherwise, just the $2 pork bun will make you wanting more.

2. Rice Balls at Go Go Fast Food

135-50 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing, NY 11354


flushing chinatown food tour
Rice Balls

Growing up in Taiwan, I often had rice balls for breakfast. Having them again at Go Go Fast Food during our Flushing food tour had all the good memories flooding back.

Go Go Fast Food is your no frills, grab and go Chinese spot that features things like Rice Balls containing minced meat, Pork Buns, and Skewers.

Visit Go Go while you’re in Flushing. You won’t regret it!

3. Mango Smoothie w/ Cheese Cap from Song Tea

38-21 Main St, Queens, NY 11354 (Located inside Queen’s Crossing)


song tea flushing new york
Mango Smoothie w/ Cheese Cap

At this point in your Flushing food tour, you might start to get a bit thirsty. Nothing’s better than a good cup of boba (or what some call bubble tea) to go with your food.

Song Tea is right in the middle of Downtown Flushing and they have THE BEST mango smoothie I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a lot of boba. Be sure to get the Mango Smoothie w/ Cheese Cap. I’m pretty sure it’s the cheesy foam on top that made it the perfect drink.

4. Joe’s Steam Rice Roll

136-21 Roosevelt Ave # A1, Queens, NY 11354

Yelp | Instagram

If you like dim sum, you won’t want to miss Joe’s Steam Rice Roll. Only a few years old, the restaurant serves freshly made steam rice rolls with shrimp or beef, egg, and 3 toppings of your choice.

There are three Joe’s Steam Rice Roll locations in New York City, and I’ve somehow already made my way to all of them!

Wanderer Tip: Since Joe’s makes their steam rolls fresh, you could wait a while before you get your food. Make this one of your last stops so you aren’t starving when you get here and are more likely to appreciate a bit of downtime between food stops.

5. Wontons from White Bear

135-02 Roosevelt Ave Ste 5 Flushing, NY 11354


I haven’t met a person who doesn’t like wontons with chili oil. Visit White Bear and order their Spicy Wontons if you don’t know what I mean!

Their spicy wontons are perfectly cooked – not too soggy and not too firm, the wrap is perfectly thin but impenetrable, and the chili oil is so delicious even those who don’t normally like spicy food might want a second serving.

6. Egg Tarts from New Flushing Bakery

135-45 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11354


egg tarts new flushing bakery
Egg Tart assortment at New Flushing Bakery

Wrap up your 1-day Flushing food tour by visiting New Flushing Bakery. They’ve got all kinds of egg tarts: classic, Portuguese, coconut, and even a mango-flavored one.

These egg tarts are perfectly portable and can last a few days so bring some home if you’re feeling stuffed by the time you get here.

Tips for the Best Flushing Food Tour

Not gonna lie, I’ve never come to Flushing for anything other than the food. So if there’s anything better than eating all day in Flushing, please let me know in the comments!

Before I wrap up, I’ll leave you with these tips to have the best Flushing food tour possible:

  1. Order just a few things at each stop. Over order and you won’t make it past the first couple of spots
  2. Go with a group of friends. The beauty of Chinese food is that a lot of it can be shared. Go with maybe 3 to 6 people so you can share things and try more. Food tours are funner with friends anyway!
  3. Bring cash. Many places are cash only. Don’t be that person who tries to pay for a $2 food item with your credit card.

The most important tip of all is to enjoy the experience and know your limit! Trust me, it’s easy to overeat.

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