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Copenhagen Fall Travel Guide: 9 Best Things to Do

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September marks the start of Hygge season in Denmark. Oxford Dictionary defines Hygge as a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being, and hygge is a key part of Danish culture. The Danish know how to maximize coziness during the rainier colder seasons. I visited Copenhagen during peak hygge season last September and got to experience the culture first hand. I enjoyed it so much that I’ve found ways to practice my own hygge back in New York City. So what are the best things to do in Copenhagen in the fall, when hygge season is in full swing? Keep reading to find out.

1. Enjoy a Coffee at One, Two, or Five Cafes!

cappuccino in copenhagen

One of the best things to do in Copenhagen in the fall to get your hygge on is to visit a coffee shop. You’ll not only be able to get a good cup of coffee, good food, and feel cozy, you’ll also be able to immerse yourself in beautiful Scandinavian interiors.

Note: If visiting coffee shops is a thing you like to do while traveling, I have a ton of coffee shop guides for different destinations 🙂 Check them out here.

best copenhagen cafes

4 Cafes to Visit in Copenhagen in the Fall:

  1. Kompa’9: The breakfast here is so good! I’ve been trying to recreate their yogurt bowl filled with berries, pumpkin seeds, and granola and so far have been unsuccessful. I guess I’ll have to return to eat it again.
  2. Beau Marché: I felt like I had transported to France while I was at this cafe.
  3. Atelier September: This is the first cafe we visited after arriving in Copenhagen. Atelier September is trendy and the Scandinavian architecture was so pleasing to the eyes. it’s a good first stop once you land in the city.
  4. Cub Coffee Bar: There’s no better way to stay cozy than entering an underground cafe during Autumn in Copenhagen.

2. Eat at a Danish Restaurant

where to eat in copenhagen things to do in the fall

Øens Have

When in Denmark, be sure to try some of their local foods: Smørrebrøds, Danish hot dogs, and Danish pastries (YUM!) Since Denmark is a part of the Nordics, you’ll also be able to taste some classic dishes from neighboring countries, like the cardamom bun from Sweden or herring from the Netherlands.

4 Restaurants & Bakeries to Try in Copenhagen:

  1. Restaurant Bazaar Kobenhavn: This is the first restaurant we stumbled upon after arriving in Copenhagen. The ingredients were so fresh and the dishes perfectly balanced. It was a great intro to the quality of food in Copenhagen.
  2. Lagkagehuset: Despite it being a chain, Lagkagehuset has delicious pastries and a huge assortment to choose form.
  3. Lille Bakery: This bakery is located in Refshaleoen which is a little bit out of the city center. So while you’re there, you can make a couple of stops, including one at the Copenhagen Contemporary museum.
  4. Oens Have: Also located in Refshaleoen, Oens Have is a farm to table restaurant situated in a hut. Their menu comes with a curated natural wine list as well.

3. Visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

louisiana museum of modern art copenhagen

You’ll have to take the train for a little over 40 minutes from the city center to get the the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, but it is oh so worth it!

The art museum / sculpture park includes works from 1945 to today. We saw some cool classic pieces and a lot of weird modern art. More importantly, the architecture of the museum is unparalleled. Think Japandi vibes with lots of greens surrounding the building.

4. Go to a Cocktail Bar

best cocktail bars in copenhagen

Copenhagen has many trendy bars. Visiting one while you’re in Copenhagen is perfect especially in the fall, when it might be a little chilly or rainy. It’s also another way to hygge.

Our favorite bar in Copenhagen was Balderdash, a craft cocktail bar owned by someone from the SF Bay Area. Menu items include unique drinks like pink squirrel milkshake and fireplace old fashioned — can you get any more hygge than this?!

5. Experience How Royalty Lived

jewelry exhibit at Christianborg Palace

Like most European countries, Denmark is filled with palaces and castles. We visited the Christiansborg Palace and Rosenborg Castle, both with their own unique charm. I thought the jewelry collection was one of the coolest things to witness. Royalty back in the day knew how to GLAM UP.

6. Take a Boat Tour Along the Nyhavn River

boat tour along the nyhavn river copenhagen denmark in the fall

One of the best things to do in Copenhagen in the fall and period is to take a boat ride along the Nyhavn River. We booked our tour via Get Your Guide and checked in once we got there. It was easy peasy.

7. Go Vintage Shopping

vintage shopping best things to do in copenhagen

One of my favorite things to do nowadays is to go vintage shopping. And if you can shop for hours like me, beware, Copenhagen’s cute vintage shops will empty your wallet in seconds!!

Wanderer Tip: If you went a little bit overboard with shopping, here are some tips on how to save on the rest of your trip 🙂

8. Check out Freetown Christiania

Freetown is a community in Copenhagen that knows no rules. Literally. About 1000 people live in Freetown, where many of the country’s laws do not apply. It’s most famous for its open trade of weed, which is illegal in Denmark. This is one of the most unique things you can do in Copenhagen.

9. See the Little Mermaid Statue

little mermaid statue top activities in copenhagen

Hans Christian Andersen, Danish writer and author to the famous fairytale Little Mermaid, inspired the installation of the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen. The statue depicts the Little Mermaid turning into human and sitting on top of a rock. It’s one of the coolest things to see while you’re in Copenhagen.

Wanderer Tip: If you have time, download the Donkey Republic App (Android | iOS) and rent a bike as your transportation from your hotel to the statue. Biking is huge in Copenhagen and there’s lots of bike trails surrounding the Little Mermaid statue and around town.

Discover Hygge in Copenhagen in Autumn

There are so many activities to do in Copenhagen. Don’t forget to take a moment and cozy up with a book wherever you may be on your journey there.

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