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Your guide to North America and Asia travel destinations. Includes trip planning tips, top things to do, and custom itineraries. Happy traveling :)

arches national park

Plan a Road Trip with Google Maps

For someone who’s bad with directions, I’ve always relied on Google Maps to get places. I remember getting lost in my own neighborhood in San Francisco 2 weeks after moving there and Google Maps saved me big time. Embarrassing stories aside, at some point I also found myself relying more on Google Maps to plan… Read More »Plan a Road Trip with Google Maps

bonneville salt flats

Fun Things to Do in Salt Lake City

Last month, we embarked on our cross-country U.S. road trip. We drove from San Francisco to Salt Lake City and it was one of the longest drives I’ve ever done. It’s still hard to believe we actually did eleven hours in our little Honda Accord. That drive, and this being the first leg of our… Read More »Fun Things to Do in Salt Lake City

canyonlands national park

11 Road Trip Quotes for 2021

Going on a road trip is fun and exciting, but it can also be a long and windy journey. Keep these road trip quotes handy when you need a dose of inspiration! “That’s why I love road trips. It’s like doing something without actually doing anything!” ― John Green 2. “And just like that, we’re… Read More »11 Road Trip Quotes for 2021

greetings from moab mural

Best Things to Do in Moab Utah

Before visiting Moab, I had heard about it from friends and saw it show up regularly on my Instagram feed. All the reviews about Moab were positive and the pictures looked beautiful. So when I found out we Moab was somewhat along our cross-country road trip route, I decided to add it to my itinerary.… Read More »Best Things to Do in Moab Utah

Outfits for Hawaii: 5 Essential Pieces

Updated: Oct 20th, 2021 Please note: This post contains affiliate links. Traveling to Hawaii but not sure what outfit to wear? You’ve come to the right place! I often find myself scrambling to put together the perfect outfit before a trip. And after finding a few cute things I’d wear for different occasions, the challenge then… Read More »Outfits for Hawaii: 5 Essential Pieces

long beach california

7 Fun Things to Do in Long Beach CA

Updated: May 3rd, 2021 When I was a college student at Berkeley, taking road trips to Southern California (my friends and I call it SoCal!) was one of my FAVORITE things to do. Going down south meant I could escape the “cold” Bay Area weather, lounge on beautiful beaches, and eat delicious Asian food. I’m… Read More »7 Fun Things to Do in Long Beach CA