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Your guide to North America and Asia travel destinations. Includes trip planning tips, top things to do, and custom itineraries. Happy traveling :)

santa crua pacific coast road trip stop

Pacific Coast Road Trip

Note: This post contains affiliate links. It wasn’t until after I moved to New York City that I started to appreciate the beauty of the Pacific Coast. From picturesque cliff-sides to palm-tree lined highways, there is no shortage of views along highway-1. A road trip along the Pacific Coast is one of the best road… Read More »Pacific Coast Road Trip

best places to visit in europe

Best Places to Visit in Europe in 2023

If you are travel addicted like me you’re probably already scoping out where to jet set to in 2023. Europe is calling me back, but picking a destination isn’t easy. There’s no shortage of breathtaking cities, adventurous landscapes, islands, and beaches to explore. After some hefty research, I have rounded up the 12 best places… Read More »Best Places to Visit in Europe in 2023

lucali pizza

Where to Get Pizza in NYC

One of the must-dos for anyone visiting New York City is to have a slice of pizza. Whether you like thin crust, Detroit style, or some late night oily goodness, there’s options for every taste bud. I spent my first year in New York trying pizza from more than a dozen spots, and here are… Read More »Where to Get Pizza in NYC

airbnb in budapest hungary

6 Best Things to Do In Budapest

If Budapest isn’t on the top of your travel bucket list already, get ready to bump it to the top. Budapest is a European destination that surprised me– from soaking in the gorgeous bathhouses to having a Hungarian craft beer at a ruin bar, there was never a dull moment. I wasn’t expecting much when… Read More »6 Best Things to Do In Budapest

things to do in london

Top 8 BEST Things to Do in London

Ah, London. The city of Big Ben, red buses, and tea time. From iconic landmarks to buzzing markets and lively nightlife, London is a city that has something for everyone to enjoy, and there are always new things to discover here. There’s so much to see and do in London that it can be tough… Read More »Top 8 BEST Things to Do in London

viv the wanderer puerto rico

2022 Must-Haves for Traveling

Note: This post contains affiliate links These days I’m all about minimalism. If I find a travel product I like, I’ll reuse it as much as possible and make sure that if I do buy a new one, I stick to some of the features I really like about my old product. To save you… Read More »2022 Must-Haves for Traveling

mother india cafe edinburgh

9 Best Things to Do in Edinburgh

Harry Potter film site and home to one of the most attacked European castle in the 18th century, Edinburgh is filled with history and character. Here are 9 best things to do in Edinburgh to make the most of your trip. 1. Walk the Royal Mile For those training into Edinburgh, the Royal Mile in… Read More »9 Best Things to Do in Edinburgh