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11 Travel Apps You Should Download in 2024

best bike share travel apps to download in 2024

Note: This post contains affiliate links

1. GuideAlong



best travel app 2024

I used GuideAlong for my trip to Moab, with guided audio tours of Arches National Park and Canyonlands. It was the best way to see both national parks in less than 12 hours. For $16.99, we got a detailed audio guide of the park. The app uses GPS tracking, so the audio would match the part of the park we were in which was really really cool!

2. Donkey Republic



When I went on my first solo trip in Sweden, I biked everywhere I go. If you’ve ever rented a bike through Citi Bike in the U.S., DonkeyRepublic is basically the European version. Europe has so many bikeable cities, if you know you’re visiting one, make sure you have this app ready on your phone!

This will be one of the best apps you download in 2024.

3. Lyft App (Citi Bike)

📍United States


best apps to download for travel

Citi Bike is basically the U.S. version of Donkey Republic, and is available in major metropolitan areas like D.C., Bay Area, and New York City.

In New York City alone, there are many stations spread across the five boroughs and you can rent it to bike through Central Park or across the Brooklyn Bridge.

By the way, with the Chase Sapphire Reserve Travel Card comes a FREE Lyft Pink membership (meaning free bike rides) and you earn 10X the points on every Lyft ride. You’ll just need to activate by December 31st, 2024.

More ways to travel with Credit Card perks.

4. Google Maps



download google maps for travel

I’ve used Google Maps to plan soooo many trips over the last couple of years. It’s great for looking up places to eat, cafes to visit, and places to shop nearby. The best part is you can save these places on your map and when you’re nearby, you’ll be able to see what places you have bookmarked and make a decision to pop in.

It’s also great for planning a road trip because you can use it as both a bookmarking system and and navigation tool.

Plan a Road Trip with Google Maps

5. Google Translate



best translation app for travel google translate

I once had a full exchange with a local in Cancun thanks to Google Translate. I was with my girlfriends at a bakery, looking for breads to try and we asked the staff to help us make our selection. Even though all three of us girls knew some Spanish from our high school years, it wasn’t enough to get the full message across. Google Translate’s audio feature made it easy to have back and forth conversations and I highly recommend it when you are traveling abroad!

6. Wanderlog



wanderlog travel apps to download in 2024

I started using Wanderlog to plan my Switzerland trip, and it’s like Google Maps + Google Sheets and blog posts all combined in one. Since those are the three main tools I use to plan travel, it was nice to see it all combined into one app. I think this is going to be my most used travel app in 2024! I look forward to planning more trips using Wanderlog in the new year. Will report back on how it goes.

7. Hopper



Hopper is one of the longest standing apps on my phone, or should I say phones since it’s lasted through several different devices? Whenever I’m daydreaming about a trip, I’ll search for flights to the destination on Hopper, and the app will tell me if it’s a good time to buy or if I should wait for prices to get cheaper. This means I’ll almost always get the best deal on flights when I do decide to pull the trigger and book the trip. The app is free to use and so worth it.

8. Citymapper



Citymapper is probably my most used app, period. I use it to find out how to take public transportation in a new city. It’s also my trusted guide in my home base New York City. What I like about Citymapper is it’s synced with train and bus arrival times and will give you the optimal route based on that information, whereas Google Maps does not. Download it now and you’ll thank me!

9. Kindle



A book is your best companion during a long plane ride. Rather than lug around a book that only adds extra weight, download the Kindle app on your iPad or iPhone so they can double as your reading device when things get boring on the plane.

10. Calm



Another great companion for the plane ride is the Calm app. Equipped with meditation clips and sleep stories, you won’t have another sleepless night on the plane again. If traveling can be stressful for you, this is also a good app to have to help you de-stress.

11. AllTrails



If your trip involves nature and hiking, AllTrails will be the best app to have on your phone in 2024. Simply enter a location into the app’s search bar, and you’ll see all the trails that are near you, which you can then sort by difficulty, ratings, and distance etc. It’s a great app to have for trail research, whether it’s searching for a place to hike day of or to incorporate into your trip planning.

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